Which Walking Dead Character Had the Most Epically Tragic Death?

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I know, I know. It’s so cruel to choose…but since you have to pick one….who is it?? Who hurt your heart the most? Who’d you cry for? Who had you swearing to the gods that you’d never watch another wretched episode of The Walking Dead ever again?

  1. 1 Glenn


    I felt my soul leave my body when Glenn died. He was supposed to live forever! How could Negan be THIS shitty? I'm going to be upset about this for the rest of my life. I don't know if I can ever watch this part of the series ever again because I have never felt this horrified by an episode of The Walking Dead before even with all that happened leading up to this moment. And no, it's not Daryl's fault, you insensitive clowns!

  2. 2 Abraham. The Most Badass of The Walking Dead cast.

    You know...I never did much warm up to Abraham...until I watched both, Sasha and Rosita grieve for his loss, but by then, it was too late to like him! He definitely was a bad-ass with a haunted past (or haunting? I'm sure that shit was still bothering him.) who needed something to live for. Being with the group finally gave him something stable, beautiful, and honest...until that bitch ass Negan had to come in and bash his head into blood pudding. *cries wildly* I'm honestly more upset with the fallout that happened afterwards than the actual loss of Abraham. Maybe I'm just heartless.

  3. 3 Sasha

    Sasha pulled an Abraham and took one for the team. She could've been like that spineless coward, Eugene, but instead she went out protecting the family and that's really all anyone could've asked for in a true friend. Though I guess we have to give Eugene a tiny bit of credit for helping her pull off this final, fantastic stunt.

  4. 4 Merle

    It was way past time for this insensitive fucker to redeem himself. Arrogant, annoying, disloyal, unstable, untrustworthy. I can't lie though, the way Daryl reacted to finding his brother put me all the way in my feelings. It seems that the reactions to the deaths might be a lot more horrible than the deaths themselves, but...at least Merle decided to be a hero in the end. His sacrifice had to do a lot of damage to the Governor's murderous soldier-folks.  

  5. 5 Beth. The most irritating and generally useless of The Walking Dead.

    Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. Though there were moments when she said some shit that made real sense, like when she was saying that there's no point in crying anymore, people are never going to stop dying. That shit made sense. It was raw and honest, but in general, I found Beth to be annoying as fuck. There was no way in hell she would've ever survived on her own. The constant hesitation and failure to kill walkers, the lack of ability to think and get creative under pressure...the group kept her alive. When she finally got three licks of good sense and was plotting her escape and not getting on my nerves, the bitch ups and gets herself killed. What the hell, Beth. What were you thinking?? Wouldn't getting away and having the last chuckle have been a better option?

  6. 6 Lori

    Probably one of the most fucked up moments of the entire series and the most epic zombie slaying ever from Rick in his wild grief. I can't lie...I found her annoying as hell. I know she's Carl's mother and all that, but... could someone be any more annoying in the midst of a zombie apocalypse?? But the way Carl looked at Rick when Rick asked where Lori had gone off to... would break the toughest person's heart. So...I guess her death was more tragic because of how everyone else reacted to it than me feeling particularly hurt by her loss. That's pretty sad. *cackles*

  7. 7 Hershel

    The look on Maggie and Beth's faces though... Hershel did start off borderline annoying (shit, I guess everyone had some annoying qualities!) trying to get rid of Rick & company and keeping pet walkers and all of that dumb shit, but, he turned out to not be a total asshole and became quite an endearing character. I can't say I'm surprised that he died, given the reality that he was in the evil clutches of the murderous Governor, but the WAY he died... Jeusssss. Fucking harsh.

  8. 8 Andrea

    This bitch was really stuck on

    deluding herself into believing that the Governor wasn't booty meat garbage trash and....that's what got that ass killed. 

  9. 9 Tyreese

    To be honest...I'm surprised it took him this long to die. I mean, he was on that bullshit, saying dumb shit like, "I don't like killing them when they're on the wall. It's not right." Like...my nigga. Protect your goddamn home. Nobody cares about your fucking feelings. Jesus. SLAY THE ZOMBIES AND LIVE, NIGGA.

  10. 10 Spencer

    A little bitch. I swear I couldn't wait for him to get dead. I must admit that I really didn't see that ending for him, but...it was grusomely perfect! GOODBYE, YOU RICK-HATING ASSFUCK. 

  11. 11 T-Dog

    He went down fighting. I was quite fond of him and he was a sweetheart. I guess this is really what happens when you "take one for the team." He deserved better from this TV show. I know I would not have sacrificed myself for anyone!

  12. 12 The Governor

    This man was unhinged as hell. It took him waaay too long to get that bullet in the head. i  do have to say that he was brilliantly manipulative which... made me want him dead all the more! He is definitely a character that i love to hate. 

  13. 13 Bob

    No, Bob, no!! I loved seeing the romance between him and Sasha. Black Love can still prevail after the world goes to shit! Of course...I guess we need to address how Bob's coping with liquor was problematic as fuck as it got other folks killed, which is kind of the opposite point of surviving.

  14. 14 Caesar

    It was so nice to see him out from under the thumb of The Governor and it's really fucked up how he got taken out...also, he was fine as hell. It had to be said.

  15. 15 Noah

    I loved Noah! I was super looking forward to him turning into a total badass and helping build more buildings in Alexandria. He was like the little brother you never really knew you wanted but were glad to have. I think he and Glenn would've grown to be super close if he hadn't been torn apart by walkers. Sad face.

  16. 16 Lizzie

    She might've been a child, but she definitely was not safe to keep around. That little hoe helped bring down their cozy setup at the prison and I'm never going to forgive her for it.

  17. 17 Denise

    That poor, unfortunate, somewhat useless girl. A prime example of what happens when you are far too sheltered from the real world...you get an arrow in the head. smh.

  18. 18 Sophia

    Though Sophia died in our absence and we don't really know what happened to her, the reaction to her becoming zombified breaks my heart every time I watch it. I think a lot of that is Daryl's reaction to finding her, along with the very sudden realization of the existence of child-zombies, which we don't see too often on The Walking Dead, except for dramatic impact. 

  19. 19 Karen

    Well, can't say we knew her all that well or that I ever missed her and it was somewhat sad that she died, but *shrugs*, sacrifices must be made to save the group! 

  20. 20 Mika

    The sister with the good sense who had the misfortune to be related to another little girl who was not cut out for the zombie apocalypse. 

  21. 21 Richard

    I'm still shaking my head at him. I understand why he did what he did, but... NO one can predict the Saviors so that was the wrong move. I must say that watching Morgan struggle with his PTSD is both inspiring, saddening, and terrifying. 

  22. 22 Dr. Emmett Carson

    Though we didn't see him very much... his death was, in a word, fire. *runs off into the sunset cackling* He ain't deserve what he got though, but, yet again Dwight was doing some foul shit to protect his wife...er...ex-wife.

  23. 23 Sam Anderson

    That poor, unfortunate, stupid little boy. This is a prime example of what happens when your parents coddle you during the zombie apocalypse instead of making you face the danger. I guess everybody can't be Carl. Can you even imagine how annoying Carl would've been if he would've had to deal with him for all these years and he cried about monsters all the time?? 

  24. 24 Shiva

    Walking Dead has disrespected me for the last damn time!! How could ya'll kill off the fuzzy one?? Ya'll are no longer allowed to kill off animals or black people!! I'm DISTRAUGHTTTT. And the way she died was dumb as hell too because it's just like she was dancing in place waiting to die! Like, was the CGI too much to be doing a lot of movement?

  25. 25 Carl

    He hasn't gone yet, but...we know he's gonna. I'm just going to start crying now over his annoying ass. Naturally, they had to draw this out in the most dramatic way possible. 

    Okaaaay... Carl is dead now. I did not expect to spend that whole episode crying my little eyeballs out. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GOOOOOO??! Not that we didn't think you were supposed to have died 75 times by now given the amount of stupid, reckless shit you did throughout the series. 

    And still, this was somehow unexpected for me. How will we ever recover from this loss?

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